A new vision of the world

Praised by neo-nomads!


Democratize the heart of the city!

Imagine places, Reinventing uses, address the largest number of people, democratize the heart of the city: this is the mission embodied by WS since its
first opening in 2016.

Of venue
X modUulars, cleverly arranged, modern, with a singular aesthetic
and playful combining the uses and aspirations of Neo-nomads.

Casual, sparkling, lively, warm, energetic, joyful, cheerful, smiling,
exuberant, cheerful, sharp and light at the same time: our places are a concentrate
in a contagious good mood, resolutely in tune with the times!

Live the WS experience now
Paris par Ws apartmentsParis par Ws apartments
Paris par Ws apartments

Work, Sleep and Live

Freedom, frugality, authenticity!

Designed for people... not just by people!
Carefully decorated for people... not just by people!
Maintained for people... not just by people!
Secured for people... not just by people!

Put the nomad back in the heart of the city, but above all offer him an experience
that gently blends opposites, which can be at the same time

+ sincere and genuine,

+ comfortable and frugal at the same time,

+ energizing and relaxing at the same time,

+ central and discreet at the same time,

+ complete and not ostentatious at the same time,

+ in total autonomy but managed at all times by a dedicated team


Friendly places where it is good to be,

At the center of Paris