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The new urban hotel

The new urban hotel industry is first and foremost about convictions. The first is to think that the center of the metropolises should not be reserved for an elite but must be democratized and must be accessible to all, business travellers, tourists, families. This is why all WS establishments are 3* establishments located in the heart of Paris, in places historically reserved for high-end hotels: rue de Richelieu, rue Saint-Honoré, boulevard Saint-Michel, rue Etienne marcel...

Our second conviction is that we cannot be the first promoters of Pairs and exempt ourselves from taking into account the local fabric. We have therefore made the choice to employ all our valets and chambermaids (no recourse to subcontracting) in order to have a direct link with those who put their heart into their work every day in order to offer wonderful stays. to our customers.

Finally, we disagree with the idea that the hotel industry consumes a lot of resources. At WS we believe we can do more with less. All our residences undergo thermal renovation, we do not use single-use plastic, we do not install air conditioning and all our lighting is LED.


WS corresponds to the acronym (in good French), of Work & Sleep, to work and sleep. Indeed all our rooms are equipped with a workspace (armchair, tablet, lamp and USB socket) which allows our customers to have a dedicated workspace.

The other marker of our rooms are the kitchenettes, present everywhere, which allows our customers to eat in our rooms. Here again, it is a source of savings and it avoids eating at the restaurant for the duration of the stay. And then, beyond the economic argument, it's still much nicer! 

Workspace and kitchenette: the two strong and unique markers of WS.


It is not because we pay attention to the portfolio of our customers, that we do not offer services. Admittedly, there is no reception (which means that arrival is autonomous via a code system and that there is no place to store luggage before check-in time), but we offer many services: free wifi of course, breakfasts, airport shuttles, cleaning during your stay...

Maintenance services

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Airport shuttle






You want to know if we provide towels (obviously!), if we can deliver breakfast (of course!) or if we can order you a shuttle from the airport (again yes!), you can consult the questions below. more frequent here 





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